ABOUT CherryMusik

The music industry makes billions of dollars annually. The money was earned only by record labels, producers, artists, composers, musicians, recording studios and so on. CherryMusik® is the first company that introduces the customer to also make money. Join us now and start building your business in music today.


System 1: Invite your Friends.
This system allows you to generate real unlimited income.
No need to buy anything to make money.


System 2: Purchase Points.
No need to invite anyone to participate in this system.
The earning potential is unlimited.


System 3: mp3 Downloads.
Think of this: making money each time someone download the same songs that you have downloaded.


System 4: Sell Your Music.
This system allows all artists to sell their music digitally.
Every time someone downloads an mp3, the earnings shows up instantly.

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CherryMusik® is a four individual systems program where each one allows you to make extra money simply and easily‚Ķ doing the same thing we have been doing, like for example, downloading music, but no one before have never paid us for it.



System 1



There is no limit on the number of people you can invite to participate in this program.
Every time your guests purchase, you make money.
But it gets better because your friends are your first generation, and if they invite their friends, you 'll also make money for purchases made by them (second generation), and the best thing is that this happens thru 7 generations. The profit potential is unlimited.

System 2



To make money on the S2 only you need to buy 14 Cherry Points equivalent to download 14 mp3s (the cost per Cherry Point is 99 cents each). It is a Matrix 7x7 (7 immediate spaces that are multiplied by 7 generations deep). This system is independent of the S1, which means that to make money through the S2 you don't need to invite anyone. With the S2 your earnings are six times more from each purchase when compared with earnings in the S1, and the potential is also unlimited.

System 3



This system is innovative. For example, each time you download a song, a new Matrix 7x7 organization is created. You can then recommend that song and each time someone download it, you make money. Then, if these people recommend the same song to other people then, so you go on filling your 7 immediate spaces multiplied by 7 generations deep. The profit potential here is gigantic because for every song you download the system will create a new 7x7 Matrix.

System 4



We invite all artists to upload their music to CherryMusik at no cost. Each time someone downloads an mp3, the system immediately reflects the money earned in the artist's account, BUT, Thats not all. CherryMusik has created an innovative system that allows artists make hundreds and hundreds of dollars from a single download. The profit potential here is incredible and one of our biggest goals is to CherryMusik available to all fans worldwide.



Networker Mission

Help all those who have not been able to develop other business opportunities due to lack of time, money, knowledge, experience, transportation, (or they simply left frustrated other businesses), to make extra money easily and simply, without leaving their homes, without attending meetings, and without the obligation to invest money to start.

Record Label Mission

Give new life to the music industry decreasing levels of piracy and converting to new customers the people that does not bought mp3s before.

Networker Vision

Be the simplest and easiest opportunity to make extra money, while at the same time we have fun.

Record Label Vision

We want to be the most admired digital music store in the world, reviving the music industry that has unfortunately been hit hard by piracy.